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How to synchronize a SIM card with Google Contacts

Google contacts and SIM card sync

With SIM Manager you can copy the contacts from your SIM card to your Google account and vice-versa.

Google contacts on a SIM card

To do so, use the "Get contacts from Google" feature.

Copy Google contacts to SIM card

Once you enter your username and password, the contacts will be retrieved.

Google account login in SIM Manager

SIM Manager will copy the following address book details from Google:

  • Name
  • Second name
  • Phone
  • Additional Phone
  • Category
  • E-mail
  • Group

You can write Google contacts to a SIM card, multiple cards or save them to a file for later use.

To upload contacts from a SIM card to Google, select the address book entries, right-click and choose "Send contacts to Google".

Send address book from SIM card to Google contacts

Here you can see the SIM card address book in Google contacts:

SIM card address book seen in Google contacts

Naturally, you can do this with a SIM and a USIM, since SIM Manager supports both 2G and 3G SIM cards.

Future versions of SIM Manager will add the possibility to synchronize SIM card address books with Yahoo Contacts, Nokia Ovi and other similar services.

The program has many other interesting features, such as the SMS recovery or clear SIM contacts.

SIM Manager requires a PC/SC compliant SIM card reader, you can choose one from this list.


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