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We're back with SIM Manager 2.10.

We're back with SIM Manager 2.10.

For this version there are the following changes:
+ contacts can be exported as vCard files
+ cosmetic changes in the user interface
+ improved usability
- fixed issue which made it impossible to purchase a smart card reader with a discount

Now, using SIM Manager 2, it's possible to export the contacts as vCard files, improving the mobility of your address book in between your SIM card and various e-mail clients and other software as well.

To save any contact to vCard, simply select the entry, go to Edit / Save as vCard.
Save contact as vcard in SIM Manager 2
Save to any directory of your choice and you're done.

Further more, you will notice an appealing cosmetic improvement of the software's interface.
Improved graphics in SIM Manager 2

Also, one major bug-fix has been done.
It has been reported that certain user's had no feedback after clicking the "Buy" button from within the software. Rendering the user unable to purchase the SIM Reader with a discount.

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