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Keeper 4 release candidate

Keeper is almost done, v4 can be downloaded from this address:

This is a feature-complete version, lacking only several icons. A final release will be made available shortly.

Stay tuned!


SIM Manager 2.5 final release notes

SIM Manager 2.5 has been released!

Apart from all the changes that have been mentioned on earlier:

  • 3G USIM extended phonebook support
  • PLMN management
  • Detailed reports

SIM Manager has taken a big step further, with more useful features and improvements.

First, let's take a look at the new SIM Manager 2.5:

SIM Manager 2.5 final release overview

You can see that the interface has suffered small changes. To the sidebar we've added 2 more commands to ease your navigation through SIM Manager: Info and Copy.

Info - offers you information about your SIM Card. It provides you with data like: SIM Serial Number, International Code and others.

Copy or SIM copy with batch processing as we refer to it - is something SIM Manager has been waiting for a long time. It is an improved and easy way to copy the data stored on your SIM Card or from a saved profile on your computer to any SIM Card you want.

Copy SIM card You simply press the Copy button and a new message box appears which offers you more possibilities. You can select which sections to copy. As well you could erase the target SIM, only with a single checkbox.

A very important feature that has also been added along with the copy command is the Multiple copies feature. Only by filling a checkbox you will be able to create as many copies as you want, only with a single command instead of reiterating your steps for as much as a thousand times!

After you press Next you go to an other step where you select the SIM Card where to copy all the data

SIM card reader selection It's as simple as that, with just a few clicks your able to back up all your data or distribute all phone numbers of your employees to your fellow board members.

Apart from new features, one thing we have to mention is the improved prefix management for international phone numbers.

Now you don't have to find all over the Internet or type in the prefix of the country, but simply right-click on the contact and find Add prefix...

Add prefix to numbers in a SIM card phonebook You will see a window where you will be able to select the country and SIM Manager will automatically add the prefix of that country.

Choose country code prefix

So with all these new features and improvements we can firmly state that we have done the best SIM Manager yet. But this is surely not the last you've heard from us, stay tuned, since Dekart announces that the next major feature that will be added to SIM Manager is synchronization with online address book services. You definitely don't want to miss that.

SIM Manager 2.5 is available as a free update to SIM Manager 2.x users, so don’t hesitate and get yours now.


Keeper 4.0 "Starscape"

This beta is now obsolete, go for the release version instead.

An updated version of the upcoming Keeper 4 is now available:

It is a more polished version of the previous release, described here.


Logon for Vista, TVMonday-beta

A fresh beta of Logon for Vista is now available for download:

Biometric authentication in Windows Vista and Windows Seven



  • It works in Windows Seven
  • It works with biometric scanners integrated into most modern laptops, as well as other fingerprint scanners (no additional configuration is needed, as long as the fingerprint scanner driver is installed)
  • Key backup feature has been added
  • Various bug-fixes

Dekart SIM card reader drivers for Linux

Dekart SIM card readerDekart SIM card reader is a PC/SC compliant smart card reader that can be used to read SIM cards or any other type of ISO-7816 smart cards.

A Linux driver is now available, you can get it in DEB and RPM flavours (all of them are inside the archive):


Keeper 4.0 preview

Note: The download link is obsolete, copy the final release version instead

A new version of Secrets Keeper is about to be released. It will be called Keeper. You can download a preview from this address:

An installer is not yet available, but we're working on it. At this point just unzip it. Run the included BAT file to enable the integration into MS Office and Windows Explorer.

Of course, no story is complete without screenshots, so here we go (screenshots are clickable):

Keeper's main window

Keeper's main window, nothing special in it, but notice that the main menu is not shown by default.

Keeper 4 key management

The key management window enables you to manage the passwords and contacts stored on your keys. Keeper will generate passwords for you, as well as evaluate their strength. You can have an unlimited number of groups and contacts in each group.

The email addresses will be used when you click the "encrypt and email" option.

Keeper 4 encrypt files

The file encryption dialog. You can choose whether you wish to use a password from a key connected to the system (otherwise type it by hand). If you use a password from the key, you can choose which group to encrypt the data for.

  • You can create self-extracting archives, so people who don't have Keeper on their computers can still decrypt the files you sent them (if they know the right password, of course);
  • You can wipe the original files, to make sure they cannot be recovered using forensic methods. This is handy if you're encrypting your po world domination plans;
  • Encrypt and email will automatically start the default mail client and create a new message, with the encrypted file attached to it.

Keeper 4 settings

The settings window looks like any other settings window.

Note that the update checking feature does not work yet, therefore if you wish to track Keeper's progress, check this page every now and then.


Keeper 4 Microsoft Office integration

Keeper integrates itself into the Microsoft Office suite, enabling you to encrypt files or decrypt them from within Word, or other programs from Office.

Keeper 4 Windows Explorer integration

Keeper 4 also integrates itself into the context (right-click) menu of Windows Explorer. This gives you quick access to features such as:

  • File wiping - remove sensitive data without leaving a trace
  • Encrypt
  • Encrypt and email

If you right-click an encrypted archive, you will see options such as:

  • Decrypt...
  • Decrypt here
  • Decrypt to <name of file>
  • Decrypt each archive into separate directory (when selecting multiple archives)
  • Decrypt each archive into separate directory and make me a cup of tea

As you can see, Keeper 4 is a huge step forward from Secrets Keeper 3.5. The new version is prettier, it provides an excellent user experience, and it will run on platforms other than Windows ;-)


SIM Manager 2.5 release notes

SIM Manager 2.5 is finally here, so far it is officially available only as an English version, but the other versions are on their way; it can be downloaded from this address: So, what's new?

3G USIM extended phonebook support

SIM Manager is able to read all the 3G phonebook details, including the extended fields:

  • second name;
  • group;
  • second number;
  • second number category;
  • email.

3G USIM phonebook
(click to view larger version)

Edit 3G USIM contact
(SIM Manager's edit USIM contact dialog)

A group management and secondary phone category tool is included as well. Now you can unleash the full potential of your 3G USIM card, explore all its contents and use its features to the maximum.

The best part is that you have all these contact details at your fingertips, you can manage them easily, using the full power of a computer (a real keyboard, a large screen) - no need to go through the pain of trying to do this with your phone's tiny keypad.

PLMN management

A PLMN is a "public land mobile network", and every SIM card contains several lists of mobile operators to which it will connect or not.

(click to see a larger version)

SIM Manager can help you manage the list of mobile networks to which the phone is not allowed to connect (FPLMN) and the list of networks to which it will connect if they are reachable (PLMN).

How is this option going to benefit you? It's primary purpose is to help you keep your bill under control.

When you travel, you leave your operator's network and enter the network of a partner mobile operator that has a roaming agreement with your mobile company. Agreements with different operators can have different fees, therefore it is in your best interests to choose the one which is the cheapest for you.

Use the FPLMN (Forbidden PLMN) list do indicate to which mobile networks you don't want your phone to ever connect. This list should include the serious offenders who charge a lot for their services.

The PLMN list contains a list of mobile networks to which your phone will try to connect when they are in range. First it will try to connect to the first network, if that fails - to the second one, and so on. With SIM Manager you can prioritize this list and change the order of preferred mobile networks.

The lists of mobile operators will contain some details you may find interesting, such as: the MCC (Mobile Country Code) and MNC (Mobile Network Code) of each operator. You can also determine the country and the name of each mobile network.

Armed with this tool, you can make sure that your vacations will never be ruined by the bills again - you have an instrument that gets you in control of the situation, so accidents simply won't happen.

Detailed reports

SIM Manager can generate a printable report of a SIM card, containing the entire phonebook, the SMS archive, as well as the lists of mobile networks.

This comes handy if you need a hard-copy for archival purposes.


Other changes

The new version includes several bug-fixes, as well as changes in the interface (now there is a Dutch translation, as well as a reviewed German and French interface).


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